Established in 1997 by ghayot iblizth(RIP) and alloy dazal(RIP) with extreme black metal genre. At the beginning, they both met and invite BOGIE LORD to contribute in filling the position of drum at SOTTISH replacing previous drummer in the band considered less consistent.
After that, Maroex Vampire Hell is contribute for the bass position in SOTTISH.

Initial Formation:
Bogie lord – Drums
Alloy dazal – Voc (RIP)
Ghayot Iblizth – Guitars (RIP)
Maroex Hell – Bass (RIP)

With this initial formation, the material composed SOTTISH first album titled “Sing Gentayangan” and occult-themed java, released by DALMATIONS RECORD.
Mean time, Sottish undergone several personnel changes since Maroex bass (bass) died due to illness, and was replaced by Cox Bachox Of Bethlehem, but because of distance constraints that led to the lack of existence, then the bass position was replaced by Tray Bleeding (Bleeding Flesh)

Formation at the time:
Bogie lord – Drums
Alloy dazal – Voc (RIP)
Ghayot Iblizth – Guitars (RIP)
Tray bleeding – Bass

With this formation, the second album released with the title “Warrior From Javaland” that carries the extreme black metal.
And released by RA PRODUCTIONS
In 2008 Sottish has a dilemma because Alloy Dazal (lead singer) was seriously ill and died. After several months in the same year, Ghayot Iblizth fell ill and died’s makes the band a vacuum though the band continues to run the practice schedule. These constraints take quite a while due to the hard to find personnel to replace two vacant positions, and Tray Bleeding which incidentally is still busy with his own band (Bleeding Flesh)

Currently (Sottish) after the death of Alloy and Ghayot, still led by Bogie lord (drums) and Tray Bleeding which is switch the formation from the bass switch to guitar.

Bogie Lord legions – Drumsick
Tray Bleeding – Guitars
Ableh Blackness (nglayat) – Bass auditional

In 2011 towards the end, the position is filled by the vowel in Sottish Black.F.Voldemour Noe (SIJJIL), with a different vocal nuances with the previous and current in accordance with the concept, then Noe joined Sottish as a Audition vocal

Formation Sottish:
Bogie Lord Legions – drumsick
Tray Bleeding – Guitars
Noe Black.F.Voldemour (SIJJIL) – Audition extremesick

With this new formation, Sottish released 3th albums into a warrior concept with the title theme ” Battle Legions” has been release by this year

For contact and booking:
• Bogie lord :, fb: Bogie Lord Sottish,
(+62)813.17.111.508 / (+62)21-413.73.986 / pin 28c4824e
• Tray Bleeding:
• SOTTISH management c / o BOGIE LORD (+62)813.17.111.508 / (+62)21-413.73.986 / pin 28c4824e