Crushing swiss death metal titans OMOPHAGIA have unleashed their newest album 646965 today and are currently streaming the effort in full.

646965 is the follow up to their sickeningly ferocious album In The Name of Chaos, which Dead Rhetoric called “intense, visceral, and sure to leave your head spinning after the first playthrough”, 646965 sees the group pushing their brand of sonic devastation to new levels of technicality, ruthless extremity, and mosh pit inducing song writing power. Metal Temple called the effort “shockingly brutal and fantastic” with Wonderbox Metal adding “646965′ is a strong and enjoyable death metal album, one which largely hits the spot nicely.”

To coincide with the release OMOPHAGIA have offered the following explanation of the album’s cryptic title and dystopian feel:  “Today is the day of release for our new album 646965 and it’s probably time we revealed what the code means as album title. And yes, it’s a code: It’s hexadecimal code and means converted “die”. It is an allusion to the lyrics, which is partly oriented towards digital change and its consequences for our society.

The title song contains a binary code with the same meaning. Some of you found this out relatively quick and posted it on Youtube. Share this to your Facebook page by Friday, September 13th and one fan will be selected to win a special Omophagia fan package! 

We hope very much that you like the new album. Never before have we put so much effort into an album and this is certainly the best material Omophagia has ever brought to light. 

We look forward to seeing you on our upcoming tour across Europe with Nile, Hate Eternal and Vitriol.”

Stream 646965 in full here via our Youtube channel.