The giants of german Thrash metal release their all-new live-album „Born To Thrash – Live in Germany“ in a digital version, to deliver the live festival atmosphere we actually miss, right to the fans.

Listen to the album here:

Singer and bassist Schmier calls it the „most spontaneous idea, we ever realized“. To experience the bands actual line-up within the recent situation, DESTRUCTIONs last Party.san show was recorded and perpetuated on an brand-new live-album.

To mark this special occasion, the band releases a live video for “Curse The Gods” today:

Schmier states, ‘Curse The Gods’ is the first of the three video clips that we will release until the album is out physically in July! There is no better opener for a DESTRUCTION show, and the song and its lyrics are still a true classic! Still one of my faves to play live, even after all those years! We made it possible for the fans to already stream this record now and not like usual on the release day of the physical product in some months. Production and promotion normally takes several weeks but unusual times need unusual measures! Nothing is like a LIVE show and we all are missing it!”

Additionally, the guys have a special gift: a world map, the fans named the destination of their very first DESTRUCTION concert in a previously launched campaign will be available within the digipak and vinyl-version in black, red, transparent and picture vinyl which will be released limited on July, 17th.