Brutal Death Metal from Jogjakarta-INDONESIA.

Formed in the middle 1995, Death Vomit wrote their own Death Metal materials. After a few demos, vomiting the debut album ‘Eternally Deprecated’ (1999). This album was self released (Demented Mind Records) and succesfully crushed Indonesian Death Metal scene.
Re-released in 2002 under licensed by Extreme Souls Production and more spread the hatred all around Indonesia.

In August 2006 the album called ‘The Prophecy’ released through Rottrevore Records. Not just prove as an old Death Metal Band, this release more crushing than before and good responses for it.

Latest released, Flames of Hate DVD (2009) by Rottrevore Records, as the first death metal DVD in Indonesia. Following this releases that make Death Vomit crush the stage with Behemoth, Psycroptic, Suffocation, Nile in Indonesia.

The hatred begin. Death Vomit will release the new fucking hatred album this year!

– Eternally Deprecated [Demented Mind Records – 1999]
– Eternally Deprecated Re-release [ESP – 2002]
– The Prophecy [Rottrevore Records – 2006]
– Flames of Hate DVD [Rottrevore Records – 2009]
– Forging A Legacy (2014)